in the beginning

Beginnings are hard.

Am I supposed to introduce myself here? I’m not even sure yet what I’m going to be writing about in this space.

I want to explore my struggles with being bipolar and living with family for support. How it makes going back to grad school after 50 so much harder. How the medicine dulls my creativity, and the illness makes it difficult to focus on anything. I’m constantly going down rabbit holes.

Reading takes ten times longer than it used to. When I was young, I could read a book every day or two. Now I’m lucky if I can finish twenty pages in a day. Textbooks are hard to slug through because I have to take notes, or I won’t remember what I read. Sometimes writing feels like trying to squeeze water from a stone.

But I’m determinedly working on my MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on Writing and Psychology. I still have dreams of recreating myself, working in publishing as some sort of editor, and becoming a published writer. I want to write both nonfiction and fiction.

I want to be inspired and inspiring.